Blarneystone Miss Valdez, F. Ch.


   Val at beach, 1999   

 Beautiful Brown Eyes, 1999

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Get the bunny!

We got her through a Whippet rescue organization in Olympia in February 1999. Her previous owners were moving and didn't want to take her with them. We can't imagine why anyone would want to give up such a sweet, lovable dog!

Breed: Whippet - black and white

Dam: Windyglens Iditarod;  Sire: Hustlin' Dan O' Blarneystone

Born: August 31, 1995

Came to live with us: February 11, 1999

Died: May 22, 2002

Likes: sleeping, eating, chasing the bunny (everything's a bunny), being petted, running in general, chasing the frisbee

Dislikes: coming inside when the weather is nice, going outside when the weather is bad


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For those who asked, yes, we did get another whippet.


But one wasn't enough.  So we got another.


Then Mamba died (he was old), so we got yet another.


Our family was complete.

Then Pixie died. I enjoyed spending time with just Snazzy for a while.
When we were ready, Cherry came to live with us.


Snazzy and Cherry

But now Snazzy's gone, so it's just Cherry for now.

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