TCS Jammin' Chick Flick Cherry

~ Cherry ~


Breed: Whippet - red fawn and white with white tail tip

Sex: Female

Dam: Windyglen Lucy Brown, JC;  Sire: Belaya Sundance Kid, SC
Cherry's mother is from the Windyglen's line, as was Val. In fact, Val's grandfather, Lyth Dijon, was also Cherry's great, great, great grandfather!
TCS is Treasure Chest Sighthounds and Jammin' is from Laurel's Jammin' Whippets, named after Jam (Shadow Run Nike Air Jammin - from the tennis shoe litter!).
Chick Flick Cherry is the name of an OPI Nail Lacquer. They have lots of clever and unusual nail polish color names.

Born: May 2, 2007

Came to live with us: August 3, 2008

Died: April 8, 2022

Likes: Running, chasing things, eating, hugging, kissing, and snuggling

Dislikes: Getting a bath!

Cherry joined our family when she was 15 months old. She helped Snazzy patrol the yard looking for cats.

Cherry and I went on many walks and hikes. She's been to the top of Exploration Peak (Blue Diamond & Buffalo) and hiked the Bristlecone Trail at Mt. Charleston. Sunset Park was her favorite place to walk because it has cottaintails and jack rabbits! She was my beach buddy and made numerous trips to San Elijo State Beach and Huntington Dog beach, mostly to intently watch the ground squirrels!

She was my Cherry Baby and I miss her so much!

Cherry and Snazzy really wanting to get that black cat that's sitting on the wall!

Cherry sitting in front of a blooming rose bush

Cherry on leash at Sunset Park
Sunset Park 2014

Cherry with her feet on the doggie disk
Let's play!

Cherry chillin' at Huntington Beach

Chillin' at Huntington Beach, California, March 2019

Looking at the rocks At the beach

The waves are to the left, the ground squirrels are to the right!


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