Pixie Land Rescue

Breed: Whippet - black with white bits on her feet and chest

Sex: Female

Dam: unknown;  Sire: unknown

Born: unknown, around September 1, 1998

Died: January 22, 2008 (kidney failure)

Came to live with us: June 2, 2003

Loves:  squeaking her bunny and hugging

Distinguishing features:  extremely cold, wet nose

Favorite sayings (me saying them, not her!):  "Silly little girl!" and "Little black dog"

Favorite memories of Pixie:  Pouncing on her "bunny" and squeaking it like crazy.
Putting her head on my leg to get pets while I'm on the computer (because she's not supposed to nudge my arm when I'm mousing!).

Most suitable nickname: "Pet Me!" 
(Snazzy is "Snuggle Bunny," so it's "The Snuggle Bunny and Pet Me Show!")
or "Shadow" as in, "Snazzy and his Shadow"

Pixie with her foster family - Jam, Irish, Pixie, Caymen and Disney
Caymen Island Rescue is Pixie's sister, Irish is Jam's son, and Jam is a niece of Val.

Before Pixie came to live with us

Pixie and Caymen

After Pixie came to live with us

Pixie checking out Corey, one of the horses who live behind us
with Snazzy watching.


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