Mac's Cream Puff


October 1983 - October 1995

I got her from a pet store before I knew that was a bad thing.  ("Puppy mills" crank out puppies without regard to breed standards or whether there will be enough good homes for their products.)  She was not show quality, but she was a great companion.  She was born in a kennel in Kansas.  I bought her from a pet store in Great Falls, Montana.  I brought her with me to Seattle.

Breed: Keeshond

Dam: Langes Foxi Apache Squaw; Sire: Chivas Renault Levierna

Born:  September 10, 1983

Likes:  Going for a ride, especially camping.  She loved to climb on things and would walk along logs.  She loved to run on the beach and only tried to drink the ocean water once!

Dislikes:  Those baths!