Breed: Domestic Shorthair - tabby

Born: born 1982, Germany

Likes: being independent


We acquired Merlin while we were stationed in Germany in the Air Force. We brought him back with us to live in Montana. He traveled and met my parents in Florida and Mike's family in Ohio. He thought he was a dog. We used to walk him on a leash. In Germany, we took him to softball games and this one dog, Casper, I think, walked up to Merlin, I'm sure expecting Merlin to freak out, but Merlin just batted him and Casper left him alone. In Montana, we took baby Puff and Merlin on walks together in the snow.

He was a handsome cat. In Germany, we set him outside on the grass and he lifted his paws, like, "What is this stuff?" You should have seen how far he leapt to get to the sidewalk when we set him in the snow!


(I have photos, but I will need to dig them out and scan them in. I will do that later this summer. That's my plan!)