Blarneystone Black Mamba, F. Ch., SC



Mamba ran a race!  We went to the WRAG Lure Field Trial at Roy on 9/21/02, where Mamba competed in the Gray Hare Run.  This was just for dogs 8 or older who hadn't raced in the past year.  Mamba ran with one of his brothers, Sammy (Bushmaster).  There were 5 other dogs entered and Mamba came in 2nd!  He even beat Sammy!  We got a nice ribbon and a ceramic bunny planter (black and white, of course) complete with a fine fern.

Also running that day were Poncho and Buddy, two of Mamba's sons, and Neo, one of Mamba's grandsons!

I will have pictures up in a couple of weeks.  Sleepy me forgot the camera bag.  I was planning to video tape the race, but instead we stopped off and bought one of those throw away cameras.  Now I have more pictures to use up on it, then have to get them developed, then scan them in...

Mamba's ASFA Racing History (Word Doc)

Mamba's AKC Racing History (Word Doc)

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